-Farewell to the 2010–2011 APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors
-Farewell to APTA Board of Directors Student Assembly Liaison Aimee Klein, PT, DPT, DSc, OCS
-Welcome 2011–2012 APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors
-"Thanks Giving" to Those Who Make the Student Assembly Run
-An Idea to Keep You Going: Who’s Buying Breakfast This Year?
-North Dakota Fundraises for Dual Cause
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Note From Your Director
Amy Arundale, PT, DPT

Thank you for being a member of the APTA Student Assembly. As a Student Assembly member, I don’t think you get thanked enough. So thank you! It has been an incredible honor to serve you over the past 12 Pulse issues, and I want to thank each one of you for your readership, support, contributions, and motivation. This past year, I have learned an immense amount. I have met amazing people who have motivated me to do more than I could have imagined! I can honestly say that my life and my career have been changed and inspired by serving you this year.

I want to leave those of you reading my last Pulse with one challenge! The biggest lesson I have learned this year is that it takes just one student, sending one e-mail or shaking one hand, to make huge changes in schools, in APTA, and, most importantly, in our government. My challenge to you is to send that e-mail or shake that hand! Don’t be afraid! Stand with confidence. You are an APTA Student Assembly member. So go make that change, get involved, turn that idea (that I know you have) into reality! It doesn’t take nearly as much as you think!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the new APTA director, Samantha Letizio! She will be taking over for me, so make sure to follow her here through the Pulse, on our Facebook page, on Twitter (APTASA), or e-mail her at aptasa.director@apta.org. I also need to give great thanks to David Scalzitti and Monica Herr for their contributions this year to the Pulse. But most importantly, Meghan BouHabib—she deserves more credit than she is ever given. Meghan is responsible for editing and formatting the Pulse each month. The Pulse would not exist were it not for her! Thank you so much, Meghan!

November 2011

Farewell to the 2010–2011 APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors:

Click here for tributes to our outgoing SABoD!

President Dan Dale

Vice President Michelle Jones

Secretary Colleen Sulliven

Treasurer Brian Swanson

Director Amy Arundale

SPT Delegate Brad Grohovsky

SPTA Delegate Chris Garland

Nominating Committee Chair Ryan Johnson

Nominating Committee Chair-Elect Ashley Henk

Nominating Committee Member Cedric Haddad

Farewell to APTA Board of Directors Student Assembly Liaison Aimee Klien, PT, DPT, DSc, OCS
Aimee Klien, PT, DPT, DSc, OCS, served diligently as the APTA Board of Directors Student Assembly liaison. Here are some tributes to her hard work:

"Aimee was our essential voice of reason during SABoD board meetings, providing us the insight and rationality to make sound decisions. She always had students’ best interests in mind, but was able to direct our energy appropriately to make the largest student impact. Aimee has been a great mentor, one who always kept an open ear to our opinions, but also provided counterarguments to challenge our thought processes. Her background as an educator has shone through, teaching us how to be effective leaders. I know that Aimee will be a steadfast mentor for the remainder of my professional career, and I thank her for her help thus far, and the advice that is to come!"
Colleen Sullivan, SPT, Student Assembly Secretary, 2010–2011

"Aimee Klein was a true asset to the 2009–2010 SABoD. She brought not only extensive knowledge about APTA, but also served as a mentor and role model to the student leaders. During that year, the SABoD utilized Aimee extensively for advice and guidance. I would like to personally thank Aimee for her dedication to our future leaders (you all!), the profession of physical therapy, and of course to the patients/clients we serve."
Allie Wehunt PT, DPT, Student Assembly President, 2009–2010

"It was a pleasure having Aimee as our board liaison while I served on the SABoD. Aimee struck a fine and an effective balance by encouraging us as a group to consider fully and execute efficiently the decisions and actions that came up, while also being present as our compass to guide us when it was needed. Her experience, knowledge, and expertise make a wonderful blend in a wonderful person. Special Thanks to Aimee for what she has done in the past, what she does now in the present, and the extraordinary things that she will continue to do in the future."
Efosa Guobadia, PT, DPT, Student Assembly SPT Representative, 2009–2010

"Over the last year, I have come to know Aimee Klien as everything you could ask for in an APTA Board of Directors Student Assembly Liaison! I didn’t know Aimee until I was elected at NSC in October of 2010, but immediately I knew Aimee would make things fun! Aimee provided the voice of reason, the vote of confidence, the backbone, and sometimes the humor to this year’s Student Assembly Board of Directors. Like a mother duck watching over her ducklings as they go off and conquer the world, she made sure each of us was safe and sound, healthy and happy, and productive and responsible leaders. Without Aimee’s support, our board would not have accomplished nearly as much as we did, and it was an honor to work with her. Thank you, Aimee, you will forever be one of my role models!"
Amy Arundale, PT, DPT, Student Assembly Director, 2010–2011

"Aimee once made the claim to the SABoD that she was shy. She told us this before she gave a 4-minute lecture on how her students felt about an APTA issue and after a 7-minute diatribe about how the APTA BoD handled a similar issue. She told us this in her typical above-average volume speech. Those 11 minutes, though, like every other minute she spoke, were met with intense focus by the group she was addressing. When Aimee speaks, you listen and you learn. I was lucky enough to witness her humble and informed teaching multiple times. She’s an incredible mentor who took the time to teach me how to critically consider an issue. She encouraged me to voice my opinion since my input (along with every other member’s) is crucial to a group’s success. Aimee, the 2009–2010 SABoD thanks you for your amazing guidance. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next."
Shane Irgens, PT, DPT, Director, 2009–2010

Welcome 2011–2012 APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors

President Colleen Sullivan, SPT

Vice President Nick Gigliotti, SPT

Secretary Leiselle Pilgrim, SPT

Treasurer Kenneth Swantek, SPT

Director Samantha Letizio, SPT

Student PT Delegate Andrew Oliver, SPT

Student PTA Delegate Amanda Rausch, SPTA

Nominating Committee Chair Ashley Henk, SPT

Nominating Committee Chair-Elect Danielle Barnes, SPT

Nominating Committee Member Chukwuemeka Nwigwe, SPT

"Thanks Giving" to Those Who Make the Student Assembly Run
Lisa McLaughlin is the Student Assembly executive director and the reason why the Student Assembly runs so well. Lisa handles all the strategic, administrative, and random tasks it takes to keep the 10 Student Assembly Board of Directors members, 47 core ambassadors, 572 school representatives, and over 19,000 Student Assembly members together! Thanks to Kathy Mariella, PT, DPT, MA, who has just joined the Student Assembly as the liaison from APTA's Board of Directors.

And, as mentioned earlier (but needs mentioning again) thank you to David Scalzitti who contributed the “Journicles” section of the Pulse each month as well as Monica Herr, who contributed the “What’s New on Capitol Hill?” section. And last but not least, Meghan BouHabib, whose tireless work puts the Pulse together each month and produces the quality publication you are reading now! Thank you so much to you all! You are truly a phenomenal group of people that help keep the Student Assembly alive and thriving!

An Idea to Keep You Going: Who’s Buying Breakfast This Year?
Allison Harris, SPT
Temple University

This year, we hope it will be faculty again, but it’s still too close to call. At Temple University, we are in the throes of a heated competition that we call, “Penny Wars.” Four giant water cooler jugs line the shelves of our lab, each containing mountains of coins, dollar bills, and sealed white envelopes that—from whatever angles you look—you still can’t see how much money is contained inside. Remember those contests where you tried to guess how many jelly beans were in the jar? That’s us every morning, eyeballing the jugs, trying to see who is in the lead. So why are we throwing all of our money into jugs, and what does this have to do with breakfast? We are raising money to kick off the Pittsburgh–Marquette Challenge and, well, the loser has to buy the winner breakfast. Here is how “Penny Wars” works:
  • There is a separate jug for each of the three classes and one just for faculty. 
  • All coins dropped into your jug help you accumulate points.
  • All bills put in your jug subtract points. 
  • Anybody can put money in any jug.
  • Whoever has the most points at the end wins!
So you can see, there is a lot of strategizing that goes on to get the most points and simultaneously take down opposing teams. Do we focus on racking up points by putting change in our own jug, or do we cash in our change for dollar bills and use them to siphon points from the faculty? This goes on for weeks!

Faculty bought breakfast the past two years, and we hope to continue that tradition! When each coin is counted, every envelope opened, and all the bills subtracted, no matter who gets breakfast (or who has to foot the bill)—we’ve all enjoyed scheming against one another to raise money for physical therapy research!

North Dakota Raises Funds for Dual Cause
Jennifer Hohl, SPT
University of North Dakota
North Dakota Core Ambassador

APTA National Student Conclave was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from October 21–23, 2011. Over that weekend, students from the University of North Dakota discussed their bake sale fundraiser for both Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Physical Therapy Month. Half of the proceeds from the bake sale were donated for breast cancer, and the other half will be set aside to send students to National Student Conclave next year. Here are a few of the fun pictures from the event; we had our PT in Motion posters up, along with hand-outs on the table about backpack safety, workplace wellness, and safety when shoveling snow! The event was a great success, and it was a great opportunity for the students to take an active role in prevention and wellness. I encourage you to do the same for next year! It is a fun and easy way to help two great causes.

University of North Dakota physical therapist students Jennifer Hohl, SPT, and Megan Koelln, SPT.

Just one example of tasty treats students made to raise money in support of breast cancer awareness.
What's New on Capitol Hill?
After some partisan debate, Congress has passed a short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) to extend the government’s funding until November 18, 2011. Congress will either have to pass their legislation on appropriations for fiscal year 2012 or another CR to prevent a government shutdown. Along with these efforts, the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, also known as the Supercommittee, has until November 23, 2011, to propose at least $1.2 trillion in 10-year budget savings. If it does not propose a package or if Congress doesn't approve it, $1.2 trillion in automatic budget cuts will be triggered. Additionally, if Congress does not act by December 31, 2011, there will be a 29.5% cut to Medicare Part B reimbursement rates as well as a hard cap on therapy services. APTA has called on the Supercommittee to address both of these issues in their recommendations.
Congress will have a busy fall and holiday season as all of these issues need to be addressed before the end of the year. Two events that have been positive for physical therapy recently include APTA testifying before Congress on therapy caps as well as an announcement on Concussions through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

In conjunction with the efforts driven by APTA’s lobby team, APTA Vice President of Government and Payment Advocacy Justin Moore, PT, DPT, was invited to testify before the US House of Representatives Ways and Means Health Subcommittee on the detrimental effect that the therapy cap can have on Medicare beneficiaries. In his testimony, Moore provided background on the therapy caps and described the types of patients who are most affected by the caps. He also highlighted several cost-saving proposals to address the therapy cap and payment reform under Medicare Part B. Subcommittee ranking member Fortney "Pete" Stark (D-CA) said that  some of the provisions, such as the therapy cap exceptions process, “ensure critical access to needy Medicare beneficiaries.”

On Tuesday, September 27, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) and Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) announced that the CDC will move forward with forming an expert panel to establish national guidelines for pediatric traumatic brain injury and concussion. This initiative was a major component of the Concussion Treatment and Care Tools (ConTACT) Act legislation, which APTA supported in past congressional sessions despite it not being passed into law. This announcement marks a positive step forward by the federal government through a united commitment by Congress and the US Department of Health and Human Services to address the important issue of concussion management.

Make sure to stay active as these issues progress this fall by sending a letter to your legislators using the Legislative Action Center and signing up for important alerts on physical therapy issues through our PTeam e-mail!

Body weight supported treadmill training versus traditional training in patients dependent on walking assistance after stroke: a randomized controlled trial.

Resistance training dose response in combined endurance-resistance training in patients with cardiovascular disease: a randomized trial.

Kinesio Taping applied to lumbar muscles influences clinical and electromyographic characteristics in chronic low back pain patients.

Comparison of stratified primary care management for low back pain with current best practice (STarT Back): a randomised controlled trial.

Use of Nintendo® Wii™ during postburn rehabilitation: a pilot study.

A randomised controlled trial of electrostimulation effects on effussion, swelling and pain recovery after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a pilot study.

Events and Deadlines


  • Sports Physical Therapy Section Team Concept Conference (December 1-3)
  • Section on Pediatrics Scholarship to Federal Advocacy Forum (February 15)
  • Iowa Chapter Spring Conference
    (April 19-21)
  • Wisconsin Chapter Spring Conference
    (April 19-21)
  • South Carolina Chapter Spring Conference
    (April 13-15)
  • New York Chapter Conference
    (October 19-20)
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