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Overview of Lower GI Endoscopy Coding Changes in 2015 Now Available

There are significant changes to coding for lower GI endoscopic procedures ahead in CPT 2015. These changes follow similar revisions to the upper GI endoscopy codes in CPT 2014 and mark the conclusion of a multiple-year effort to update the terminology of the GI endoscopy codes.

ASGE, ACG and AGA developed an overview article to provide background information and to simplify these changes. This information reflects the revisions the societies proposed to the AMA CPT Editorial Panel, as well as subsequent changes that have been discussed at recent CPT Editorial Panel meetings. A summary of Panel Actions from each CPT Editorial Panel meeting is available at the AMA’s website. The complete 2015 CPT files, containing full code descriptors and instructional information is expected to be released in late August. These changes will become effective on January 1, 2015.

Read “Preview: Changes to Coding for Lower GI Endoscopy Procedures in 2015”


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