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President's Message
30th Annual Meeting Keynote Presenters
Board of Directors Election
ISTSS Travel Grant Program
ISTSS in Hangzhou, China
ISTSS Joins an Amicus Brief
Paper in a Day: A Method to Build Capacity
The Impact of Trauma Assignments on Journalists’ Families
The Public Health Impact of Trauma Exposure and PTSD in U.S. Youths
White House Effort Against Sexual Assault
Trauma and World Literature
June Webinar
ISTSS Clinician Directory
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Traumatic StressPoints
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Traumatic StressPoints
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May 2014
Presidents Message
Making a Difference in the World: ISTSS and Societal Impact
By Nancy Kassam-Adams, PhD

Arthur Blank, MD, wrote in StressPoints in 1997, “Most readers are familiar with the remarkable emergence of recognition and treatment for trauma patients, including survivors of the full range of traumatic events – war, sexual abuse, assault, disasters, torture, etc. What is too easily forgotten is that these developments followed years of advocacy by public officials, mental health professionals, patients and others. There is no trauma field without advocacy.”

The ISTSS Strategic Plan recognizes our role in making a difference for society at large, going beyond the professional needs of our members and other trauma professionals.

Strategic Goal #3: Societal Impact
ISTSS contributes to the health and resilience of people and communities in the face of traumatic events. We do this by promoting public awareness and informing public policy.

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30th Annual Meeting Keynote Presenters Announced

ISTSS is proud to present the keynote line-up for its 30th Annual Meeting, November 6 - 8, InterContinental Miami, Miami, Florida USA.

Wednesday, November 6
Changing Hearts and Minds: Can We Use Mass Media to Prevent or Heal Trauma?
Moderator: Laurie Anne Pearlman, PhD, Independent Trauma Consultant, USA
Llew Smith, Filmmaker, California Newsreel, USA
Marten deVries, MD, Maastricht University, Netherlands

Thursday, November 6
Windows of Vulnerability: Impact of Type and Timing of Childhood Traumatic Stress on Neurobiology and Psychopathology
Martin Teicher, PhD, MD, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA

Friday, November 7
“This is My Story, I Am!” Facing Childhood Trauma Within the Individual and the Community
Maggie Schauer, PhD, University of Konstanz, Germany

Saturday November 8
Pioneers in Child Trauma: Lessons Learned and Future Directions
Moderator: Michael Scheeringa, MD, Tulane University, USA
Lenore C. Terr, MD, University of California San Francisco, USA

William Yule, PhD, University of London, United Kingdom
Irene V. Intebi, MD, Past President ISPCAN, Argentina

Board of Directors Election
Voting Opens August 2014

The ISTSS Nominating Committee, chaired by Board member and Past President Karestan Koenen, PhD, has nominated the individuals listed below.

Nominees for President-Elect (electing one; nominees are listed in alphabetical order):

  • Jeanne Beckham, PhD
  • Grete Dyb, MD, PhD***

    *** Current board member running for President-Elect

Nominees for Board Members (electing six; nominees are listed in alphabetical order):

  • Ananda Amstadter, PhD
  • Charles “Chip” Benight, PhD
  • Diane T. Castillo, PhD
  • Kathleen M. Chard, PhD **
  • Joanne L. Davis, PhD
  • Anne M. Dietrich, PhD
  • Alyssa Rheingold, PhD
  • Amy Street, PhD

    **Current Board member running for re-election

Note: With the exception of the President, individuals are typically limited to two consecutive terms on the Board. This year, ISTSS Regular Members will elect six Board members to serve three-year terms beginning November 2014. ISTSS Regular Members will also elect a President Elect who will assume the Office of President in November 2015.

Mail ballots will be distributed to ISTSS Regular Members without email addresses.

Results will be announced in November.

ISTSS Regular Members, watch your email for more information regarding the election and for instruction for voting.

ISTSS Travel Grant Program Empowers Recipients to Connect, Collaborate and Learn
By Sarah Wilson, MA

Deadline to apply for 2014 Travel Grants is June 17

Donate to the Travel Grant Program today

Due to logistical and financial obstacles, many trauma specialists who live and work in low- and middle-income countries are unable to travel to the ISTSS Annual Meeting. ISTSS addresses this situation by fostering international research, clinical work and discourse through its Travel Grant Program. The Travel Grant Program is 100% funded by ISTSS member donations, which in recent years has been less robust, reducing the number of grants that were offered.

Travel Grant awardees regularly contribute high-caliber scholarly presentations and posters. Past conference titles presented by grant awardees include: “Cuckoo’s Nest: Providing Care of Former Child Soldiers,” “Family-Based Prevention of Mental Health Problems Among Children Affected by HIV/AIDS in Rural Rwanda: A Pilot Feasibility Study,” “Child Sexual Abuse in Post-conflict Societies: A Rwandan Exampleand “Rwanda: Healing The Wounds of Genocide.”

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Join ISTSS in Hangzhou, China
Post-Traumatic Stress: State of the Art Research and Clinical Implications for China

ISTSS in collaboration with The Seventh Hospital of Hangzhou and Zhejiang Behavior Medicine Association invite you to hear from world renowned trauma experts in beautiful Hangzhou, China, October 17-19.

You will learn:

  • Cultural diversity in diagnosis and treatment
  • Mental health interventions for traumatic stress disorders
  • Cross-cultural aspects and Chinese medicine and more

About the conference:

  • October 18 - English speaking presentations will be translated into Mandarin Chinese simultaneously. Chinese presentations will be translated into English.
  • October 19 will be in Chinese only.
  • Speakers include ISTSS leadership members and experts from the region

Preliminary Program   Registration Form

ISTSS Joins an Amicus Brief Against Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE)
By Judith A. Cohen, MD and Emily B. Goldberg, Esq.


ISTSS recently joined an Amicus Brief filed on behalf of the defendants (the Governor of New Jersey et al, and Garden State Equality) in the case of Tara King et al. to prevent the use of Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) for minor children after sexual abuse.

An Amicus (“friend of the court”) Brief is a document filed by individuals or organizations not directly involved in a court case that can provide additional expertise for the court to consider in making its decision.

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Paper in a Day: A Method to Build Capacity
By Eva Alisic, PhD, Sadie Larsen, PhD, and Alyson Zalta, PhD

Many young investigators will become leaders in mental health research in the near future. The field would benefit substantially from their partnership and teamwork. To foster collaborations among young researchers from around the world, Eva Alisic designed ‘Paper in a Day’ (Alisic, 2012). The approach of Paper in a Day is to stimulate international connections and the exchange of ideas by conducting a one-day conference workshop with the aim of creating a tangible research product such as a commentary, review paper, or analysis of existing data for a peer-reviewed journal.

Paper in a Day has now been pioneered as a workshop at three separate conferences (ISTSS 2012, ESTSS 2013, and ISTSS 2013), leading to journal articles, conference presentations, and new research projects, as well as uptake of the model in other settings. In this article, we provide a ‘recipe’ for Paper in a Day and recommend that it should become a standing part of ISTSS conferences.

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The Impact of Trauma Assignments on Journalists’ Families
By Patrice Keats, PhD

Patricia Gannon, the sister of Canadian reporter Kathy Gannon, spoke to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's (CBC) Carol Off about the serious wounding of her sister and the shooting death of photographer Anja Niedringhaus while the two journalists were working for the Associated Press in eastern Afghanistan on April 4, 2014. It was rare to hear the perspective of the journalists’ family members, so I listened with empathy and interest.

In answer to one of the interviewer’s questions (i.e., “You know that your sister is highly regarded, seen as one of the most experienced foreign reporters in that region, when she was so conscious of what was dangerous, so aware of warning signs, what do you think went wrong in this case?”) Gannon replied, “This is something that absolutely could not have been predicted. She was in a secure compound, they were traveling with a convoy, they had the military that was supposed to be protecting them, they had the police who were supposed to be protecting them, there was absolutely no way that Kathy or Anja could ever have anticipated this…they knew how to be careful. They were not stupid; they were very, very smart--on guard. They knew about these things; they knew about the dangers. This could never be predicted.” (CBC, As It Happens, April 7th 20141)

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The Public Health Impact of Trauma Exposure and PTSD in U.S. Youths
By Katie McLaughlin, PhD

Stories about traumatized children and adolescents, such as the school shootings at Sandyhook and Columbine, fill the media. However, common traumatic events, such as accidents and caregiver maltreatment, receive less attention.

We sought to understand how common traumatic experiences are in the lives of U.S. youths by conducting a study examining trauma exposure and PTSD in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication Adolescent Supplement (NCS-A) (Kessler et al., 2009), a nationally-representative sample of 6,483 adolescents aged 13-17 (McLaughlin et al., 2013). This study is the largest population-based study examining trauma exposure and PTSD in U.S. youths, and the findings reveal trauma and PTSD are significant public health problems for children and adolescents.

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ISTSS Member Jennifer Freyd and the ISTSS’s Journal of Traumatic Stress Contribute to White House Effort Against Sexual Assault

Jennifer Freyd, PhD, an ISTSS member, Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon, and national authority on betrayal and sexual abuse, took part in a White House event April 29 that included a major announcement about the effort to address sexual assaults on college campuses. Freyd and her students have pioneered the study of betrayal trauma and, more recently, institutional betrayal. She investigates the causes and effects of interpersonal and institutional violence on mental and physical health, behavior and society, and she co-authored the recent book Blind to Betrayal.

Also noteworthy is the extent to which research published in the ISTSS journal, Journal of Traumatic Stress, has contributed to this effort which has brought together science, practice, and advocacy in a compelling and effective way.

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Trauma and World Literature
Thirty Girls

Susan Minot’s novel Thirty Girls presents an insightful and harrowing depiction of the experiences of a group of young girls abducted from their convent school by rebel soldiers in Uganda, one that a recent review in the New York Book Review lauded as “a novel of quiet humanity and probing intelligence.”

Minot portrays the ways these girls attempt to come to grips not only with the abuse and degradation they suffer, but with the atrocities they are forced to perpetrate on others. This serves to put a profoundly human face on theoretical constructs—such as moral agency, perpetration-induced trauma, and moral injury—that have provided powerful insights in the recent literature on child soldiers (Annan, Blattman, & Horton, 2006; Betancourt, Borisova, Williams, Brennan et al., 2010; Kerig, Wainryb, Twali, & Chaplo, 2013; Wainryb, 2011).

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Online Trauma Training
ISTSS June Webinar

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
12:00 - 1:30 p.m. CDT

Responding to Trauma: Intervening Early with Children and Families
Steven Marans, MSW, PhD

This webinar will describe the Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention (CFTSI), an evidence-based early intervention for children ages 7-18 years of age that was developed at the Yale Child Study Center for implementation in the days/weeks following a potentially traumatic event.

Learn more   Register   Purchase a recording of this webinar

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Introducing the NEW ISTSS Clinician Directory, designed to help the public find a clinician, counselor or mental health professional.

ISTSS Regular Members are invited to enroll in the ISTSS Clinician Directory today. We encourage you to take advantage of this new member benefit which will be accessible on the ISTSS website.

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ISTSS is proud to introduce a new membership category. The Corresponding Membership is FREE to individuals in an African country.*

Corresponding Members will receive select ISTSS membership benefits including:

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Spread the Word

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* Corresponding Membership is valid January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014. Eligible individuals must not have a prior connection to ISTSS or to the organizations that partner with ISTSS (ALFEST, ASTSS, CPA TSS, DeGPT, ESTSS, JSTSS, SAPsi or AsianSTSS).

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Australian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ASTSS)
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Post-Traumatic Stress: State of the Art Research and Clinical Implications for China
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